Who Is Oscar Sala ? | Oskar Sala Birth, Death, Achivment, 112th Birthday Doodle

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Oscar Sala is especially known for making bird sounds using electronic music. That is why Google has also made birds on the doodle dedicated to him. The sala sound effects made by him opened new doors for radio, TV.

Google Doodle on Oskar Sala

Google today paid a special honor to one of the world’s first electronic music composers and physics scientist Oskar Sala with its doodle on his 112th birthday. Today, July 18, Google Doodle is saying, “Happy Birthday Oscar fucker!” Sala is famous for his Trautonium musical instrument. According to Google, “The sound effects that Sala created on an electronic musical instrument brought a new life to the worlds of TV, radio, and film.”

Oskar sala
Goggle Celebration of oskar salas 112th birthday

Oscar Sala is particularly known for using electronic music to create the sounds of birds. That is why Google has also made birds on the doodle dedicated to him.

Who Is Oskar Sala ?

Sala was the pioneer of electronic music and German physicist

He Sala was born on 18 July 1910 in Thuringia in the Greiz area of Germany. He is best known for The Birds (1963), The Death Ray of Mabuse (1964) and Die Wrote Hand (1960). He breathed his last on 26 January 2002 in Berlin.

Oscar sala Was electronic musician?

Oscar Sala is known for the development of Troutonium. It was the world’s first electronic musical instrument, which was made in 1929.Instead of a keyboard, it operated with wires placed neatly on a metal plate. Music was made by giving vibrations on its strings. On 20 June 1930, Oscar Sala and Paul Hindemith gave a performance in a hall in Berlin to introduce the troutonium.Later Oscar Sala toured Germany with Trautonium. For the first time treutonium instruments were introduced in the market by Telefunken company.

Oscar Sala’s achievements are

Sala’s achievements are on permanent display at the Deutsche Museum in Munich, Germany. Oscar Sala was also a physics scientist. The mixer troutonium, the first electronic instrument, was an early form of the electronic synthesizer. It was such a complex instrument that only Oscar Sala could play it properly.

(Oscar) Sala Birthdate

Oscar Sala S Birthday on 18 july 1910 in Greiz (Germany).

Who Is Oscar Sala Wife Name , Photo ?

Oscar Wife Name Is Kathey Sala. Sala s Wife kathey Death (died) in 19999. After oskar sala start again his composing music.

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